The Best Tips To Have a Unique Rustic Wedding In Arizona

Do you want the best decor ideas to take your rustic wedding to the next level? You came to the right place for it. We have put together some options for you to consider the right one for the big day!

Planning your rustic celebration does not have to be stressful. Let us help you have fun while organizing this day with sophisticated blends of vintage, country, and ethereal styles.

Once you have your favorite ideas for your wedding decor, contact farmhouse wedding decor rentals in Arizona to make your dream a reality at an affordable price.

Decor ideas for a rustic wedding in Arizona

Lightning Is Crucial In Your Ambiance

The environment is crucial when planning a rustic wedding. By keeping that in mind, you should not forget about lighting.

Lighting can turn your reception space into a dreamy place, so you must consider it a crucial element of your design plan. Do not be afraid of playing with it! You can add hanging fixtures to give the room a bit of sophistication without losing the effortlessness of rustic environments.

Make Your Seats Unique

Wooden seats are the usual option for rustic weddings because they never fail in offering a nice decor. However, you can take plain boring seats to the next level by adding florals, greenery, and other decor elements to their sides.

Feel free to use ornate elements that suit the rest of your design plan. From white roses to greenery items, you decide which option works better!

Forget About Traditional Flowers In Your Bouquet

It is ok to keep traditional flowers in the bouquet, even if it’s a rustic wedding, but why not add a twist and change the flowers to dried lavender?

You can find dried lavender in farmhouse wedding decor rentals in Arizona. Besides, it smells amazing and it makes an excellent keepsake. Dried lavender also works quite well with the relaxed style of rustic weddings.

Branches & Natural Wooden Poles To Embellish The Ambiance

Many people think that rustic weddings require a lot of elements, but that is a bad misconception. When going rustic, it’s easy to look overly cheesy.

To avoid that, focus on natural elements that can enhance the environment. Use large branches and natural wooden poles as the base for your wedding chuppah. You can attach soft floral elements to the structure to make it look elegant without extravagance.

Wood Can Be Your Best Decor Accent

Use organic wooden elements to elevate your overall decor design. You can do that by adding naturally crafted chairs or tables. Or you can add twinkle lights hanging from trees if you want to give a romantic vibe to the reception.

Wood is always your best decor accent when planning a rustic wedding, so do not forget to add it to your decor plan.

Effortlessness Is A Must

A rustic vibe can look amazing when adding floral designs with lots of textured greenery. You can find many ways to work these elements with rustic event rentals in Arizona.

The idea is to make your decor look as if it was already part of nature, which is the ‘effortlessness’ vibe you want.

Add Pops Of Color With Some Flowers

Feel free to add some blush or red-toned blooms to wooden foundations. This idea will add some pops of color to your rustic decor, making a nice contrast to the ambiance.

Focus On Small Details

Sometimes less is more. You can add small details like blush boutonnieres, small candles, or twinkle lights to the decor. These little details can improve your environment, and they can even add a cozy vibe to the celebration.

Create a Focal Point

Allow florals to take center stage if you want a rustic botanical garden for your wedding decor. You can create this focal point by adding different design elements like colored flowers and textured greenery.

Get In Touch With Rustic Event Rentals

You can try these ideas on your own, but it may not be that easy. That’s why we suggest contacting Rustic Look, the best place to find everything you need to make your special day perfect. From rustic decor to vintage tables, you will find exactly what you want with Rustic Look. Request a quote through our website to get more information!


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