All You Need To Know About Lightning For Your Wedding Day

Are you looking for a unique and rustic wedding lighting idea? Then today is your lucky day! This guide will show you how to get stunning lighting effects with rustic event rentals in Arizona. We’ve got you covered!

Rustic wedding lighting can add warmth and romance to any outdoor event. From twinkling fairy lights to candles lit inside lanterns, rustic wedding lighting brings out the beauty of nature.

Rustic lighting uses natural materials such as wood, stone, glass, and metal. The key idea is to create a warm atmosphere that feels natural and authentic.

Whether you’re planning your wedding soon or just want to prepare on time, read on for all the information you need!

Getting a rustic rentals for a wedding in Arizona

Choosing The Type Of Lighting

  • Ambiance: Lighting can create the perfect ambient and offer a nice setting for the big day. You can use different colors and effects to make your set feel warm and intimate. 
  • Pinspot: You can choose a simple spotlighting to highlight your flowers. You can also highlight other spaces like the centerpiece with a “pin spotting” technique. A narrow beam of light is all you need for this! 
  • Flambeaux: To create a nice entrance for your guests, place flambeaux outside your event venue.
  • Fairy Lights: Decorating your venue with festoon and fairy lights is an excellent and cost-effective way to create a cozy atmosphere.

Think about these lighting ideas when looking for rustic event rentals in Arizona.

Things To Consider While Planning Your Wedding Lighting

Before choosing the lighting for your wedding, take note of these recommendations:

Try To Plan Everything With One Company

The event design company can help you with the styling of your wedding. They can also help source your caterer and entertainment.

Their help is crucial to making things easier for you. You can accept their recommendations as they have many years of experience. 

Having one company overseeing everything gives you more freedom to do other things for your wedding (like finding a beautiful dress).

Be Realistic With Your Budget

Tell your event design company how much budget you have and what you hope to accomplish. Whether you’re in a different budget bracket, your production company has multiple options to suit your style, including lighting.

Check What The Venue Offers First

There’s a big difference between average and high-quality lighting. Asking your production team to provide you with a lighting package that meets your budget is often your best bet, especially if the venue doesn’t have a lighting package. 

There are several ways to create ambiance while decorating, such as a minimal or grand design. A little lighting can often go a long way in creating a high-impact scene!

Even with rustic event rentals in Arizona, you can do a lot! 

A DJ Booth Is Crucial!

Request quotes from the lighting company to get a DJ kit, sound system, and DJ booth. Check if your DJ brings his equipment first. 

Marquee Or Outside Wedding?

There’s a lot to consider before planning a wedding with outdoor ceremonies! For instance, weather can have a huge impact on production.

Inform your production company if you will be using a marquee or tent. This way, they’ll be able to recommend things to make your outdoor wedding more comfortable.

Picture The Ideal Wedding Day

Feel free to create a nice mood board of images for the wedding day. This is useful for event design teams, wedding planners, and venues, so they can easily imagine your dream event.

Your production company will be able to give you some solutions for your ideas or recommend new plans to make the day even better. 

Don’t Forget The Weather!

Although we cannot control the weather, we can be prepared for any obstacle. If you realize that day will be sunny, your guests might want to stay outside, so think about outside furniture and outdoor decor. You can always choose farmhouse wedding decor rentals for the best outdoor decor options. 

Your guests may prefer to stay under tents and near patio heaters if there’s cold weather. This information is crucial for you to plan your wedding successfully. Plus, you can take advantage of this information to play with lighting.

Finding Vintage Furniture For Rent In Arizona

You don’t need thousands of dollars to create the perfect environment for your wedding, especially with lighting. At Rustic Look, we can help you get the best ambiance for your special day thanks to our expertise! Contact us now to find more information about our services and inventory.


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