Rustic Wedding: Top Tips For Decorating Reception Tables

How would you describe your wedding reception tables? Would they be simple or elegant? Modern or classic? Traditional or trendy? Or maybe something else entirely?

 If you’re looking to create the perfect wedding reception table setting, you might want to consider these options. The wedding reception table is a focal point, so you need to make it gorgeous for the big day.

 You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a beautiful wedding reception table setting. You can easily style your wedding reception tables with Arizona rustic event rentals.

So, what can you do to curate the perfect tablescape? From color palettes to rustic decor, read below our best recommendations to style your wedding reception tables like a pro. 

Decorated Wedding Table Reception in Arizona

Create A Cohesive Plan

Make sure you have a clear and cohesive vision before testing any table settings. Whether your vision is bohemian, minimal, or cozy, you want every feature to look good together. You surely don’t want furniture out of tone with the rest of the decor!

With your overall vision and color palette, you can have a basic foundation for your wedding table settings. Discuss these aspects with your partner to get your ideal wedding style. Create a mood board on Pinterest, Instagram, or even on paper to capture the vibe you want for your wedding. 

Refer back to the mood board often while planning the reception details! It will help you keep your vision cohesive. 

Use Layers To Create Interest

Using layers on wedding reception tables is one of the best ways to create a gorgeous table decor. Layers never fail in wedding features! 

Use different materials and textures to enhance the table settings’ depth and detail. Feel free to make the most of Phoenix rustic event rentals to simplify the research if you want to save a bit of time. 

Without layers, your wedding tables will look one-dimensional. Use them wisely to avoid a boring vibe at your wedding.

Your wedding reception tables are like a blank canvas, so you can turn them into pieces of art by building up different layers. Table runners, statement glassware, and shiny cutlery are some examples to keep in mind. Don’t forget candles and flowers too! 

Consider how many details you can bring to life. For example, greenery decor and jewel-tone linens work beautifully for a farm-inspired wedding table. The options are endless, so try on as many options as you want! 

Experiment With Heights

If you want to make your tablescapes lush and interesting, play around with different heights. You can add a mix of different elements, including table numbers, candles, glassware, and flower arrangements. 

These elements have different heights, so they can make the entire tablescape feel fuller. They will work incredibly well for photographs too.

Practicality Is Key

Styling is crucial, but so it is practical stuff! You want your wedding reception tables to look incredible but also remain functional. 

Practicality is possible with some planning and Paradise Valley rustic event rentals. However, you can also take note of the following practical features:

  • Tabled size. Depending on the menu, you’ll want a table over 1m wide rather than the standard of 86cm. These tables are useful for a share-style menu, but if that’s not the case, you can keep the standard tables.
  • Decor location. Once again, if you prefer a feasting menu, you need to ensure enough space between the decor and platters for food. If you need more space, try centerpiece “clusters” instead of spread decor. Or, try hanging floral installations to save even more space. 
  • Centerpiece. Your centerpieces should be at an appropriate height so that the guests can still chat without having to stand up or move too much. 
  • Basic items. Some couples forget essential items on the wedding day, so avoid last-minute emergencies and make sure you have the cutlery, napkins, glassware, and dessert spoons ready. 

Keep Things Simple!

You don’t need to overcomplicate things! Keep it simple if you are overwhelmed with the reception table decor. Consider hiring decor rentals and investing in a few statement pieces. Sometimes a timber table, golden linen napkins, gold cutlery, and stylish glassware can be enough to make your table landscape amazing.

Finding The Right Arizona Rustic Event Rentals

If you need vintage decor and other items for your wedding day, contact us now at Rustic Look. We can make your farm-inspired wedding a reality with different options, including lighting, tableware, and flower arrangements. Feel free to email us or call us for more info! 

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